RPSC RAS- 5 step mantra to crack those exams.

The RPSC conducts the RPSC RAS exam to recruit candidates for Rajasthan’s Administrative Services. Considering it is the state’s civil services, the RPSC RAS Syllabus is bound to make you break into cold sweat. If we say that this exam is easy to crack, well we sure are lying. But, what is man without a resolve to move mountains!

If you really want to clear RAS only then, read further. The points elaborated below are from shared experiences of toppers of the RAS exam, so read carefully and incorporate these points in your preparation- dont ask, it was a herculean task, phew!

So, here goes- the 5 step mantra to crack the RPSC RAS exams:

Resolve to read news

The RAS exam revolves around 3 subjects- Rajasthan, India and the world. Reading notes will help you gain knowledge but inculcating a habit to read the news on a daily basis will help you build your personality as well as allow you to have an opinion on various topics. This in turn will help you during Mains as well as during the Personality Test. It will help you stand out in a swarm of people you will be competing with.

2. Make your own notes

It is often that the fear of completing the portion grips us to an extent that we refrain from the taking into account the basics. Note making is one of them. Making your own notes helps you prioritize what needs to be completed and organize your study schedule. It also helps in better retention and comprehension as you are making an effort to condense the massive portion. It will also allow you to focus on details.

3. Revise at regular intervals

Revise and revisit! Yes, that’s the mantra. Once a chapter is over, more often than not we have a tendency to keep moving on, because of which it is only normal that we fail to recollect what was learnt earlier. Due to this, you will have to re-do the entire chapter/ subject again, thus wasting a lot of time. We therefore suggest that you keep revisiting what is learnt at regular intervals.

4. Make study groups

While preparing for competitive exams, we often come across a lot of people with the same goal. Thanks to technology, the world has become smaller making meeting new people on various online platforms is now possible. This can be used to your advantage and you can start making groups to study. The biggest advantage of a study group is that it helps to eliminate procrastination. It helps you stay motivated and even learn faster as knowledge shared is knowledge gained. Lastly, it helps you break the monotony of studying alone thereby keeping your morale high.

5. Reach out and connect

Yes, reach out!! Reach out to those who have experience in taking these exams. Especially those who have achieved your goal- of getting selected for the RAS. Every experience should only enrich you. Reaching out and connecting with people who have appeared for such competitive exams will provide you information about how they planned their studies. It will enable them to learn from their mistakes. This inturn will help you overcome any minor bumps in your preparation.

It is rightly said that. Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’. We can direct you towards your goal but it will always be your hardwork that will matter in the end.

Do let us know in the comment section about how this article has helped you to get closer to your goal. Let us also know what you do to maintain pace and keep your morale high.